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Reconnective healing

Reconnection and Reconnective healings price list

In an ideal situation, I would ask a donation for the reconnective healing rather then having a set price. However at this stage I'm not in the position to do so. I understand that paying the regular price for some may not be possible. Because I want to keep the healings for everyone accessible I have set two prices.

All prices are including 21% VAT/Tax.

Reconnective healing:

Regular rate: € 66,-

Discount rate: € 44,-

If you are on a bare minimum and you really want to do the reconnective healing, then is an extra discount negotiable however the price will never be below €33,- for a healing.

The Reconnection

The price for the reconnection is € 333,-

Eric pearl has set a worldwide fixed price for the Reconnection. always should be € 333,- All official reconnection practitioner must comply with this rate.

Re -connect plan

If you want to do 2 or 3 reconnective healings and the Reconnection contiguous (within 4wk), the following rates apply: .

Regular rate: € 44 p. reconnective healing and € 333,- for the Reconnection.

Discount rate: € 33,- p. reconnective healing and € 333,- for Reconnection.

Please note all fees are to be paid in full before the start of the first healing.

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The current location of the reconnection® and the reconnective healings® is de Baarsjes, Amsterdam.

Admiralengracht 40

1057 EZ Amsterdam

Tel: 06-54281973

All prices and fees are subject to change.


reconnectie "Uit de bron ontluikt,
wonderbaarlijk zuiver licht,
liefde is machtig."